Thursday, November 11, 2010

2nd Week at TM SME


  • After 1 week got experience in TM SME. I try to get 1st experience using the fax machine, so today I fax the registration form to Puan Zahrah. My supervisor teach me how to use fax machine.
  • Cik Fida give me a job which is to preparing Management Report Performance Order Reseller by weekly as of 7th Nov 2010.
  • and also after prepare the report I need to preparing slide for presentation weekly meeting using Ms. PowerPoint.
  • After finish all the report Management, Cik Shery need my help to Binding the report for training.


  • Preparing management report perfomance order reseller by daily as of 7th Nov
  • Continue prepare slide for presentation weekly meeting


  • Update system ICP (ICarePrimer) ID
  • Solve the data


  • Inventory checking.
  • photocopy 100 form for the reseller and cop the serial number.


  • create ID at ICarePrimer

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