Saturday, November 6, 2010

1st week at TM SME.


  • 1st day in TM SME, I meet En. Fazli and also report myself to En. Wan Iskandar.
  • Introduce my self to all staff in their department which is Sales Operations.
  • Briefing and study about the product they sell in TM.SME
  • Today my job is under Cik Fida and my supervisor is En. Fazli.
  • My 1st experience is binding some report for training.


  • 2nd day in TM SME, I ask Cik Fida what to do.
  • She brief some task report that I must prepare.
  • She give me some example report sell in Oct 2010.
  • My job is preparing management report performance sell in Nov 2010 using Ms. Excel


  • 3rd day in TM SME, Cik Akmal give me some job for preparing the management report PTT sell in JAN until OCT 2010
  • All company that involve in buying TM products must key in the PTT report.


  • My job still continue preparing management report.
  • Helping them for warp some gift for event.


  • Happy Deepavali ! Happy Holiday! :D

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