Friday, October 8, 2010

Approval of intern in TM Berhad

The approval is through Email.

Must confirm the offer letter 7days before internship will be started.


As stated in the letter issued by the Human Resource Department, I need to report for internship attachment as required below:

Time : 8.30 am
Date : 1 November 2010
Venue : Menara TM, Level 8, North Wing
Department : Indirect Channel Management (TM SME - Small & Medium Business)
People that must report : Wan Iskandar Hj Wan Taha (Assistant Manager)

My Supervisor : En. Fazli B Ahmad Zabidi (Assistant Manager, Premier Partner & Outlet)


  1. Salam, can I know how do you apply for an internship at TM? Thanks :)

  2. wsalam, send your resume to TM.. I send it at Human resource Department at Menara TM..

  3. can u send TM email address i can forward my resume